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The IRAS Method

Instruction in The IRAS Method is currently only available for individual instruction to patients. Qualified health care practitioners can be instructed in a group or individual setting, in your office or ours. Please contact us for details.

The IRAS Method is a unique combination of physical therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular techniques optimized to provide the quickest recovery of pelvic floor muscle spasm, hypertonicity and/or over-activity.

Typical diagnoses that this program is successful with include vaginismus, vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, vestibulodynia, genito-pelvic pain/penetration disordoer, interstitial cystitis, urinary urgency and/or frequency, overactive bladder, and other muscle-based diagnoses that lead to painful intercourse.

Although we are currently not offering group classes, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive list of multidisciplinary services for women in Los Angeles!

Book with us here to Restore Your Inner Core post Delivery or Surgery.

If you are still pregnant, come see us for our Birth Prep Program.

Postpartum and Post Surgical Physical Therapy Treatments

Whether you are recovering from a vaginal delivery or a c-section or have had surgery for fibroids (myomectomy), hernia or endometriosis -- our licensed pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapists will get you back on track and help you achieve your goals. We also help with SO much more than just your inner core. Here's a peek at the customized program we will develop for you, whether your baby is one month, one year or 10 years or your surgery was yesterday or 5 years ago -- our staff of pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapists, (that hold dual certifications in lymphatic drainage, pilates and yoga and fascial stretch therapy) ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

After Vaginal Delivery:

  • Postural Assessment
  • Fascial and scar tissue mobility assessment
  • Core Coordination Assessment (pelvic floor, deep abdominal muscles with larger/global muscles) - How to find your Kegel again!
  • Managing diastasis recti abdominis AKA ‘Mommy tummy’
  • Strength and mobility assessment
  • Core and Pelvic Stability
  • Treatment plan and progressions with one of our licensed physical therapists specializing in postpartum and postsurgical health and wellness.
  • Instruction in your pelvic floor, abdominal and accessory muscle anatomy and physiologic changes during pregnancy and postpartum so you understand why each exercise we prescribe is important and relevant to YOU!
  • Management of incontinence (bladder or bowel leakage)
  • Prolapse assessment and management (pessary fittings if appropriate and strategies to reduce discomfort and worsening of prolapse)
  • Development of fitness program or prep to return to your specified exercise program
  • Lifting and body mechanics training
  • Instruction in proper pressure management of your core
  • Assessment for other pelvic floor dysfunctions, including pain
  • If early after delivery, red/infrared light therapy
  • Rehabilitation of childbirth injuries
  • Management of noninfectious mastitis / clogged milk ducts
  • Treatment of other Pain with breastfeeding

After Cesarean Delivery (C-section), Myomectomy, Hernia or Endometriosis Excision Surgery:

  • Everything that is applicable to you above plus:
  • Abdominal surgery scar tissue remediation
  • Red/Infrared/Blue light therapy for wound healing, reducing inflammation and pain management
  • Lymphatic assessment and complete manual lymphatic drainage

What Our Patients Have to Say


Testimonial by T.C.

While pregnant with my twins, Heather took care with keeping me on my feet and pain free. She saved my back, my sanity and the holidays! I would recommend her to every “mom” looking to stay on her feet during pregnancy and post-partum.

-- T.C.

Testimonial by Jamie M.

I have been going to see Heather for a while now, and I can't tell you enough how much she has improved my quality of life. Heather specializes in issues like pelvic floor, but I see her for other orthopedic issues.

I have a lot of chronic joint pain and dysfunction issues (back, hips, neck) that require that have ongoing physical therapy maintenance. The effects of my problem joints/areas overlap and interconnect with each other in complex ways, so helping me requires really having a complete understanding of the entire skeletal and muscular system. Pain does not always appear where the problem actually is, the human body is a twisty, many-layered puzzle. I have an exercise program I do at home and I am very functional, but there are just something things I need a PT to help me out with.

Read more: Testimonial by Jamie M.

Testimonial by Y.L. (mom of 2)

After having my second baby via C-section I searched for months to try to find help for my lower back pain and separated abdominal muscles. I finally came across Heather Jeffcoat via a mommy blog. I reached out to her via email and set my first appointment. My first appointment went amazing … she listened to what my symptoms, check my separation and explained to me in detail what the next steps would be. Not only did my abdominal separation go from 3 to about 1 -1/2 but my back has pain has significantly reduced. I’m personally recommending all my mommy friends to Heather!

Y.L. (mom of 2)

Testimonial by Lauren B.

Femina PT (née Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy) has been such an answer to prayer, i'm so glad I found them! I've been struggling with vaginismus my whole life, but didn't have a name for it until about 6 or 7 months ago. Even once I did have a name for it though, I didn't know where to begin in getting help. My OB/GYN had me get a set of dilators, but I couldn't even insert the smallest one by myself. Most times I tried I just ended up frustrated and in tears. I felt really alone, like I was broken and didn't have the energy to keep trying. When I got engaged a few months ago though, I realized I needed to get answers so i wasn't dreading my honeymoon.

Read more: Testimonial by Lauren B.

Testimonial by J.B.

My husband and I were having problems with painful intercourse. My therapist recommended that I go and get a pelvic floor evaluation from a physical therapist. Having never been treated by a physical therapist, I wondered how this really was going to help me. My husband who is a physician was very supportive and agreed that a PT evaluation would be a great idea. So i made the appointment and was blown away by what I learned. I had no idea that pelvic floor muscles could get tight and have trigger points just like any other muscle in the body. I'm a massage therapist and very familiar with tight muscles, and this new thought really amazed me. Heather's program to help relax and strengthen these muscles made such a difference. I can say that I am 100% pain free during intercourse now. Yippee! Going to the PT appointments and doing the at-home exercises was definitely a discipline, but it's 100% worth it! The rewards are amazing.

-- J.B.

Testimonial by A.W., age 32

I wanted to let you know that my pelvic floor held strong and gave me no trouble whatsoever in my trail race this morning (12 miles)! In a way, I felt like I ran better than ever because my core feels so rock solid from all the exercises you have me doing. That was especially valuable on the technical downhill - I just flew down the trail because I had confidence in my balance and form. Thank you for helping me get back to doing what I love.

-- A.W., age 32
(completed Post-partum Renewal Program using the InTone biofeedback/stim unit)

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