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Pregnancy Services

Services We Offer for Pregnancy - Prenatal Classes, Physical Therapy, and More

  • Prenatal, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Exercise Programs

    postpartum exercise programs

    Customized One-on-One Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Programs

    Learn SAFE and EFFECTIVE exercises to keep your body strong, flexible and painfree throughout your pregnancy and after delivery from a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Pilates instructor.

  • Yoga and Pregnancy | Increase Quality of Life During Pregnancy and After

    yoga and pregnancy

    Yoga and Pregnancy Together Can Increase Your Quality of Life During Pregnancy and After

    We offer a yoga therapy program tailored specifically to pregnancy at Femina/Fusion Wellness PT. At the end of this article is a link to more blog posts highlighting how yoga can mesh well with issues like pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and pregnancy.

    Why Integrate Yoga and Pregnancy?

    Modified, gentle, and restorative yoga practices can be a fantastic addition to physical activity during pregnancy. Yoga can also give an opportunity for mamas to listen to their bodies, gain stamina and the courage needed for labor and motherhood. Whether you start practicing yoga after you get pregnant, or you already have a practice, yoga also helps you to consciously connect to the process of nature and your baby and prepare you for your birth.

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy During Pregnancy

    It’s truly amazing what bodies endure during and following pregnancy. We praise all the new parents that come into the clinic for their resilience not only physically but mentally, taking care of themselves as well as being a caretaker 24/7 whether it’s one child or three children, it really is a super power.

  • NormaTec - The Ultimate Recovery Device to Increase Circulation and Improve Mobility

    We are excited to announce the addition of the NormaTec PULSE Series to our treatment options!

    NormaTec is the ultimate recovery device. The technology can increase circulation and improve mobility for those who work out regularly, are training for a competition or race, experience swollen legs from traveling frequently, stand for long hours on the job, or suffer from inflammation, sore muscles, or other circulatory issues.

    NormaTec is used extensively in professional athletics and is utilized for both rehab and recovery by 97% of pro teams, as well as Olympic and elite athletes across a broad spectrum of sports. Plus, our pregnant and post-operative patients love the way they feel after a session!

  • Joint Laxity and Pregnancy: What is it and What can you do about it?

    Laxity in Pregnancy is what may be causing you those aches and pains

    The Role of the Relaxin Hormone

    As discussed previously on the blog, pregnant people undergo some major changes in their bodies, including producing different hormones that play various roles during pregnancy. One hormone that affects the musculoskeletal system in a pregnant person’s body is called relaxin.

    Relaxin is a hormone produced by the corpus luteum (an endocrine gland made in the ovary when a follicle has matured and released an egg during ovulation) and the placenta (an organ developed in the uterus during pregnancy that provides oxygen and nutrients to your baby). Relaxin inhibits uterine activity and helps relax the pelvic joints so your hips can widen in preparation for birth. Relaxin peaks during the first trimester. However, relaxin can also contribute to laxity in other areas of the body during pregnancy, not just the pelvis.

  • Blog: Working with a Doula | The Benefits of a Birthing Advocate

    Working with a Doula | Image Courtesy of Rebekah Vos via Unsplash

    Are You Thinking of Working with a Doula?

    Here are some of the benefits

    Being a pelvic floor physical therapist, I work with pregnant and postpartum women almost daily. Not having birthed any children yet and currently pregnant, I was curious about the doula process both professionally and personally. So, I attended a wonderful birth doula training program and learned a ton about what working with a doula is all about.

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    • Testimonial by S.H., age 24

      I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me for the past 19 months. I literally could not have reached my goals without you and your practice. You gave me the courage to keep moving forth with my treatment no matter how afraid and anxious I was. You were always there to answer questions and made this whole process so much easier than I expected it to be. It's because of you that my marriage is on the right track, that I can get pregnant and that this part of my life is finally...

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  • Testimonials

    • Testimonial by Y.L. (mom of 2)

      After having my second baby via C-section I searched for months to try to find help for my lower back pain and separated abdominal muscles. I finally came across Heather Jeffcoat via a mommy blog. I reached out to her via email and set my first appointment. My first appointment went amazing … she listened to what my symptoms, check my separation and explained to me in detail what the next steps would be. Not only did my abdominal separation go from 3 to about 1 -1/2 but my back has pain has...

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