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Positional Release Therapy

Learn How Positional Release Therapy Can Help Ease Your Pain

Positional Release Therapy is a gentle technique that works with the body’s natural desire to move away from pain and towards comfort. We bring the body to a position of comfort, add gentle compression, and connect through subtle energy. We remind the body of its innate “happy place” and invite you to come back to relaxation and ease.

Through injury, trauma, repetitive motion or posture, we can develop compensation patterns throughout the body. A muscle becomes “stuck” in its contraction, unable to relax and release thereby creating tension and pain. To invite release, we find the comfortable position that brings slack to the area under tension. The body’s proprioceptive system (how we know where we are in time and place) is awakened. Sensory receptors in and around the joints are stimulated and the contracted muscle is invited to fully complete its contraction and return to a state of ease.

What to expect in a session:

  • We find an area of tension or a point of tenderness
  • We find a position of comfort by gently exaggerating the holding pattern
  • We add gentle, pain-free compression and hold for 30 seconds to a few minutes
  • The sensory receptors are stimulated and the “stuck” muscle releases

A session is performed fully draped or can also be done fully clothed for your comfort

Always keeping “pain-free” as the guiding principle, this gentle bodywork technique restores comfort and ease to your body.

Rachel Frey pairs Positional Release Therapy with the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach.

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** This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. **

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    • Testimonial by S.H., age 24

      I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me for the past 19 months. I literally could not have reached my goals without you and your practice. You gave me the courage to keep moving forth with my treatment no matter how afraid and anxious I was. You were always there to answer questions and made this whole process so much easier than I expected it to be. It's because of you that my marriage is on the right track, that I can get pregnant and that this part of my life is finally...

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    • Testimonial by Fritzette H.

      I went to Heather after the birth of my third child. It was lucky, really, that I was referred to her, because my doctor had referred me to a surgeon for a possible hysterectomy or pelvic wall rebuild. Thankfully, I went to Heather before undergoing either surgery, she was able to fix the problem. She has studied extensively in women's health--even written a book about it--and was able to diagnose my problem, suggest a course of treatment (6 weeks), and then follow through with said treatment. By the...

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