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During this time of isolation, you can still feel connected.

We have always emphasized a home program for our patients and with great success. Owner, Heather Jeffcoat, even wrote a book that emphasizes self care.

While it is true that hands-on therapy has been proven to benefit those with chronic pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, and more, it is also true that every successful treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our trained therapists will listen to your story, observe your movements, and make the appropriate recommendations for your particular situation.

When we see a patient move on that first visit and then do a hands-on assessment, it is only to confirm what we have already observed. Yes, we believe hands-on therapies will get you to your optimal outcome, but gains CAN still be made in this time when we are asked to minimize our contact with others.

For our current patients that wish to temporarily switch to online support, or if you have decided that now is the perfect time for you to take charge of your health - call us at 818-864-6732.

As a healthcare provider and a clinic with minimal flow through in our small offices, we have always adhered to CDC guidelines and have stepped up cleaning common surfaces (check in desk, door handles, for example) after every patient checks in. We implemented charging credit cards on file early on to further reduce contact. And, yes, we’ll be there with N95 mask and gloves to support those that need it.

Stay Healthy xx
Team Femina PT

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  • Testimonials

    • Testimonial by A.M.

      Months after giving birth, it was difficult for me to go from a sitting or lying position up to a full standing position without feeling that I had to remain hunched over until a bit of time had passed to get fully upright. However, after taking Heather’s course, I learned exercises to get my body back to normal. She also showed me correct ways to lift and carry my son as well as put him in/take him out of the carseat and stroller. This class was really beneficial and Heather is a wonderful...

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  • Testimonials

    • Testimonial by R.D., age 38

      "I had a severe tear during childbirth that was not stitched together correctly and therefore healed poorly. Even after having a surgery a year later to remove the scar tissue, I was still having pain, and no one could explain why -- there was no overt 'reason' to explain the pain. I had tried other 'specialists' and even saw another physical therapist who had me do hip / leg stretches -- what a joke! I was about to give up and just 'live with it' until thankfully I kept searching online and...

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