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Certified InTone Services

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InTone is a home biofeedback and electrical stimulation device used to conservatively treat stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence. Bladder leakage, even just a few drops is NOT normal. Bladder leakage can get WORSE if not treated. We also carry the InTone MV, for male urinary incontinence and male/female bowel incontinence.

Bladder and bowel leakage can be stopped or significantly reduced with the combined use of InTone and physical therapy. Our licensed physical therapists have been utilizing biofeedback and stim for over 15 years and have integrated the use of InTone and Apex into the practice. We have also seen positive results in our patients that have pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction, such as anorgasmia (no orgasm) or diminished orgasms. (See our testimonials page)

intone badgeIn addition to the InTone device (available in-office only), we also offer over the counter purchasing of the ApexM (for Stress incontinence, urge incontinence, or mixed incontinence) and the Intensity, either in-office or by mail. If you are not local to our Sherman Oaks or La Cañada offices, we offer shipping of this item. Inquire for shipping rates and device cost here. We honor specials offered by the InTone website, so don't wait 3 days for it to arrive when you can pick it up from us today!


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