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  1. three people riding bike near trees during daytime

    Is Riding Your Bike Giving You Pelvic Floor Issues? Female Sexual Dysfunction in Cyclistshttps://feminapt.com/blog/is-riding-your-bike-giving-you-pelvic-floor-issues-female-sexual-dysfunction-in-cyclists

    Cycling has become an increasingly popular mode of exercise and transportation, and before COVID-19 cycling classes were very popular. Now with many cities under shelter in place ordinances, folks are dusting off their bicycles and riding the streets...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  2. how to fit your bike correctly

    Ready, Set, Cycle | How to fit your Bike Correctlyhttps://feminapt.com/blog/ready-set-cycle-how-to-fit-your-bike-correctly

    Learn How to Fit Your Bike Correctly With These Simple Tips Did you know that riding a bike that doesn’t fit your body can cause and exacerbate nerve and orthopedic problems? Avoid nerve and joint pain with the following tips! Before We Begin: Ask for...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  3. Healthline | Is It Safe to Indoor or Outdoor Cycle When You’re Pregnant?https://feminapt.com/media-content/heather-jeffcoat-at-healthline/healthline-is-it-safe-to-indoor-or-outdoor-cycle-when-you-re-pregnant

    Healthline reached out to Heather Jeffcoat for her advice on cycling when you are pregnant. Read on for Heather's expert advice. Outdoor cycling safety Taking your cycling to the street or trails is a bit more dicey than exercising indoors. That’s...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Healthline
  4. spin the right way

    Spin The Right Way With the Help of a Therapist https://feminapt.com/blog/spin-the-right-way-with-the-help-of-a-therapist

    Spin The Right Way for Optimal Results! Want to start a spin class? Afraid of returning to cycling because of knee pain or pelvic pain? Come see Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, or another therapist for an assessment of your form. We love biking at Fusion...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  5. cyclinghttps://feminapt.com/site-index/cycling

    • Type: Tag
    • Author: Webmaster
  6. exercise and urinary incontinence

    Exercise and Urinary Incontinencehttps://feminapt.com/blog/exercise-and-urinary-incontinence

    Worried About Exercise and Urinary Incontinence? Don’t let your New Year's workout make you leaky! With new year’s resolutions, a lot of us will be starting new workout routines to shape up. While exercise is a cornerstone of physical health, a little...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  7. Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

    Get Fit Without Leaking!https://feminapt.com/blog/get-fit-without-leaking

    Many people start like to start the new year off with exercise regimens and plans to lose weight. Unfortunately, often times women who start exercise programs to lose weight also lose their ability to control of their bladders and experience urine...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  8. bikinghttps://feminapt.com/site-index/biking

    • Type: Tag
    • Author: Webmaster
  9. pelvic floor physical therapy

    What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and How Can it Help You?https://feminapt.com/blog/what-is-pelvic-floor-physical-therapy-and-how-can-it-help-you

    What is pelvic floor physical therapy? When you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, it is common to go see a physical therapist to help correct any issues with like alignment, movement, strength, and flexibility to reduce pain and improve...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  10. Pudendal Neuralgia

    What is Pudendal Neuralgia and How Can Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Help?https://feminapt.com/blog/what-is-pudendal-neuralgia-and-how-can-pelvic-floor-therapy-help

    Pudendal Neuralgia (PN) is a condition that can cause chronic pain or numbness along the course of the pudendal nerve, which is the nerve that innervates the pelvic floor. What is the pudendal nerve and what does it do? The pudendal nerve, like other...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Staff
    • Category: Blog
  11. VeryWell Family | Peloton

    Verywell Family | Peloton Launches Fitness Series for Pregnant Womenhttps://feminapt.com/media-content/heather-jeffcoat-at-verywell-family/verywell-family-peloton-launches-fitness-series-for-pregnant-women

    Excerpts from the original article by: Tonya Russell Fact checked by: Emily Swaim Original Publish Date: January 12, 2021 Peloton instructor Robin Arzón is expecting, and she’s taking her fit family along for the ride. The cult-favorite fitness app has...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Verywell Family
  12. Resetting Pelvic Heath Goals | Image Courtesy of Peter Conlan via Unsplash

    Resetting Your (Pelvic) Health Goals in 2022 https://feminapt.com/blog/resetting-your-pelvic-health-goals-in-2022

    SMART Pelvic Health Goals As we enter 2022, the new year marks a time of both reflection on the previous year and forward-thinking and planning for the year ahead. That’s why the beginning of the year is a great time to reset your pelvic health goals!...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Kasia Gondek, PT, DPT, CSCS
    • Category: Blog
  13. Carrie Morgan, SPT

    Meet Carrie Morgan, SPThttps://feminapt.com/meet-carrie-morgan-spt

    Carrie (she/her/hers) is pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos, CA. Her interest in Pelvic Floor physical therapy began after a brief introduction in a musculoskeletal...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Uncategorised
  14. citrus fruit representing vaginal scarring

    Healthline | Vaginal Scarring Is One of the Top Reasons Vulva Owners Find Penetration Painfulhttps://feminapt.com/media-content/heather-jeffcoat-at-healthline/healthline-vaginal-scarring-is-one-of-the-top-reasons-vulva-owners-find-penetration-painful

    In this Healthline article written by Gabrielle Kassel on May 29, 2020, Heather Jeffcoat was tapped for her experise on vaginal scarring and its effects on painful penetration during sex, tampon insertion, etc. Here are some excerpts from the article,...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Healthline
  15. what experts want you to know about pelvic pain

    Vogue | Here’s What Experts Want You to Know About Pelvic Painhttps://feminapt.com/media-content/vogue/vogue-heres-what-experts-want-you-to-know-about-pelvic-pain

    How do you know that pelvic pain treatment is finally getting the recognition it deserves? Coverage like this from Vogue is one sure sign. When Anne Lora Scagluisi reached out to me for this article I was of course excited to be able to speak directly...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Vogue
  16. sex pillow review

    Glamour | The Big Sex Pillow Review - Make Any Position Hotterhttps://feminapt.com/media-content/glamour/glamour-the-big-sex-pillow-review-make-any-position-hotter

    When Gina Vaynshteyn and Suzannah Weiss of Glamour reached out to me for my opinion on their upcoming sex pillow review for various sex positions and overcoming injury, I was glad to offer some advice. Here is a brief synopsis of the article with a...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Glamour
  17. why does my clitoris hurt

    Giddy Asks Heather Jeffcoat: Why does My Clitoris Hurt?https://feminapt.com/media-content/giddy/giddy-asks-heather-jeffcoat-why-does-my-clitoris-hurt

    In this informative article (link below) Giddy writer Kate Daniel went looking for answers to the question "Why does my clitoris hurt?", and she reached out to me to shed some light on the issue. Here is a brief synopsis of the article with quotes from...

    • Type: Article
    • Author: Heather Jeffcoat, DPT
    • Category: Giddy
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More Great Products We Love

Damiva Cleo | CBD Labial Balm

100% natural CBD labial balm

Who gets labial skin dryness?

Although loss of labial skin moisture is most common among women who are menopausal (i.e. have not had a period for 12 months), it can affect younger women. Labial skin dryness occurs due to hormonal changes after menstruation, postpartum, during breast feeding or during peri-menopause (typically ages 40 to 50) or as a side-effect of taking certain medications, such as oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and antihistamines.

  • Cleo CBD is a 100% natural CBD labial balm with dermabiotic qualities. This means that Cleo is chemical-free and water-free and helps maintain and restore your skin's natural flora.
  • Cleo soothes and provides topical relief. This unique formulation has approximately 15 times (!!!) the average CBD content of other topical creams so get ready for major relaxation.
  • Cleo is packaged in discrete and sanitary sachets that are perfect to use at home or pack in your car or purse.
damiva cleo labial balm

Because Cleo is 100% natural, the consistency changes in different temperatures.

For a balm-like texture, just place your Cleo sachets in the fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes.

For a serum-like texture, warm Cleo up in your hands or a warm place for 1-2 minutes.

Cleo is available in packs of 15 or 30 sachets, each with 3 ml of product.

Cleo was inspired by Cleopatra. Did you know Cleopatra with the inventor of lip balm?

Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt who, to solidify her throne, made lovers’ pacts with two of Rome’s most powerful political leaders – Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She also was a scientist, who wrote many treatises and invented cosmetics, including the world’s first lip balm. We named Cleo – the world’s first labial moisturizer – as a tribute to her strength and intellect.

Click here and use code FEMINAPT to get 10% off your own supply of Cleo and experience its soothing effects on your lady parts!
Damiva Mae | Vaginal Moisturizer

Who gets vaginal dryness?

Women can have vaginal dryness for a variety of reasons and at any age. Dryness is most common after menopause due to the loss of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Vaginal dryness occurs due to hormonal changes after menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding, peri-menopause and menopause. It can also occur as a side-effect of taking certain medications, such as birth control, acne meds, antidepressants, antihistamines and fertility treatments.

  • Mae is a 100% natural, body-friendly vaginal suppository used to moisturize the vagina from the inside.
  • Mae is made for women experiencing vaginal dryness and designed for long-term usage.
  • Each package of Mae comes with 10 individually wrapped suppositories.

Is Mae natural?

Mae's all-natural formulation contains no water or alcohol, both of which dehydrate the delicate mucous membrane of the vagina over time. Instead, Mae contains emollient plant butters for silky lubrication. As Mae has no water, there is no need to add harmful chemical preservatives. Mae has a shelf-life of 5 years based on extensive laboratory studies.

damiva mae cleo

Is Mae safe to use with condoms?

Mae is not safe with latex condoms. Non-latex condoms are available at your local drugstore.

How long do I need to use Mae?

Mae takes a few weeks for most women to obtain results. However Mae’s all natural composition makes it suitable for long-term use.

Is Mae tested on animals?

No. Mae is vegan and cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

Does Mae have any preservatives?

No, Mae does not have any chemical preservatives.

We named our heroine product Mae because of all the Maes who inspire us such as Mae Jameson and Mae West. We especially love Mae West’s cheeky humor! Did you know that she was arrested for writing a Broadway play, Sex, in 1927? We salute all the Maes in our lives.

Click here and use code FEMINAPT to get 10% off your own supply of Mae and start enjoying sex again!

What Our Patients Have to Say


Testimonial by P.M.

I was hopeful but frankly skeptical when the doctor treating me for Interstitial Cystitis recommended that I go to Heather for physical therapy. Medication and diet helped control my IC symptoms, but I had never heard of physical therapy being used to treat IC. The education and treatment I received from Heather was a revelation. She explained that the pain I experienced with IC had helped create a cycle of muscle guarding which affected the entire pelvic area. I had no idea of the amount of tension being held there. No wonder my husband and I had not been able to have sexual intercourse for years!

Read more …

Testimonial by S.B.

As someone who suffered the debilitating physical and emotional effects of vaginismus (as well as a complicated history of back injuries) for more than 15 years, I thought a "normal" life was just a fantasy. Then I found Heather.

Read more …

Testimonial by Julie T.

Femina PT (née Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy) has honestly changed my life. Before receiving treatment at Femina, I was going doctor to doctor to try and find the answer to my pelvic pain. It has taken me YEARS to find someone that can help fix this. It wasn't until my gynecologist recommended your clinic that I finally felt relief. My pelvic pain is almost gone, and granted I still have a lot more to work on with Laureen (my PT), my original problem is nearly cured. I am so grateful to her.

What is even better is she gave me practical exercises to do at home that were not tedious and provided instant (and lasting) relief. Although I mainly work with Laureen, my interaction with the owner (Heather) has been great. She is very generous, kind, and committed to her business.

It hurts to know there are women out there suffering who will never know or have the opportunity to work with women like Laureen and Heather because this issue is hardly talked about and this field is so rare. I hope more doctors and physical therapists see the value in this work and can relieve more woman of their pain.

-- Julie T., 12/4/16 via Yelp!

Testimonial by R.S.

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get through something I thought I may never be able to. We have achieved pain-free intercourse and this has really solidified our marriage. We are so grateful to you for all the work you do! Thank you!!

-- R.S.

Testimonial by Jackie W.

I was in multiple car accidents a decade ago, and I have been to many physical therapists through the years without success. They found the root of my lower back pain problems and after nearly a decade of barely being able to walk I finally can again without pain. They are also the best pelvic floor pts and the only ones who found the connection between my pelvic floor and lower back problems. If you need help with physical pain, they are your answer.

-- Jackie W., 1/19/17 via Yelp!

Testimonial by Mary L.

I started seeing Heather to treat my Interstitial Cystitis in November 2016. At this time, I was extremely miserable, in constant pain, and felt as though no one was listening or understood what was going on with my body. I have just finished my last appointment and I can honestly say that my life has completely changed for the better because of Heather and her team of PTs! I live almost completely pain free, and when I do have flare ups, I am able to treat them at home on my own. I am so grateful that this office was recommended to me a honestly cannot recommend them enough!

Read more …

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