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young woman experiencing pelvic floor tension
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This article by Hannah Schneider on Well + Good explores the relationship between pelvic floor tension and frequent headaches. Hannah reached out to me for my thoughts and I was glad to offer some insights. Here is a brief synopsis of the article along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Can Pelvic Floor Tension Spread to Your Head?

Everywhere you turn, it seems like there’s something new to know about the pelvic floor. Whether that’s healthy peeing tips or the fact that not everyone needs to do Kegels, there are often surprises. Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s another thing to add to this list: Pelvic floor tension can contribute to headaches. But don’t worry. This isn’t a pelvic floor riddle for you to untangle on your own. We asked Heather Jeffcoat DPT, pelvic floor physical therapist, author, and owner of FeminaPT to break down the connection.

Let’s start with some basics. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit like a hammock in your pelvis, supporting your organs and controlling reflexes like peeing, pooping, and orgasming. The muscle group also works to help stabilize your core and assists with breathing and circulation. That said, pelvic floor tension, weakness, and looseness are fairly common issues, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Pelvic floor tension occurs when your muscles are chronically tight, potentially impeding bladder and bowel control and sometimes causing painful sex for people with vaginas, the Cleveland Clinic says. It's complex and it's often hard to pin down the direct cause, but reasons can range from core weakness, improper posture or breathing, trauma like birth, prolapse, or simply inherited disposition, Dr. Jeffcoat says.

How are headaches connected to pelvic floor tension

The most frequent type of headache you might experience is a tension headache, which is a dull, painful headache that often feels like a band tightening around the skull, the Mayo Clinic explains. These headaches have their origin near the neck, in the cervical spine region: Your neck muscles tense and pull on the shorter fascial tissue that connects to your forehead muscles, creating a classic tension headache, the Mayo Clinic explains.

To learn moure about the connection between pelvic floor tension and frequent headaches, continue to the full article here.

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What Our Patients Have to Say


Testimonial by Ann V.

I wish i could give this place 10 stars!! 
I have been suffering from vaginismus for 5 years and never found the cure to it. I had seen an ob/gyn and he diagnosed me with vaginismus and told me i needed a surgery to cure my condition, which i refused to do. He also referred me to a PT that he works with, i had given them multiple calls and they never responded back to me, so i started searching yelp for another PT. I am SO HAPPY I found Heather's office! I was working with Laureen, and with her guidance and techniques i was able to be cured from vaginismus in only 2 1/2 short months!!! I couldn't believe how quickly their program worked for me! I am forever grateful and thankful from Heather, and Laureen! They are the absolute best at what they do!

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Testimonial by Rosanna R., age 35

Heather has affected my life in the MOST POSITIVE way and I am forever grateful. My husband refers to her as the "sex doctor" so you can only imagine how happy he is with my therapy outcome.

After the birth of my son I suffered from "Vaginismus", however, at the time I just thought I was broken. My "broken vagina" affected me physically but it was an emotional struggle as well. Many women in my life also suffered with pain from sex after their babies were born so I knew I wasn't alone. They told me they "just got used to it" but I couldn't see myself living that way.

Sex wasn't just painful, it was literally impossible - IT DIDNT FIT!

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Testimonial by M.M.

My husband and I were married for 5 years and unable to have intercourse, but I never knew why. After numerous awful experiences at doctor’s offices (where many doctors told me I “just needed to relax”), a surgery that didn’t fix the problem, and a year of owning dilators that didn’t get me anywhere, someone finally referred me to Heather for Physical Therapy. I finally had answers and information from someone who knew exactly what I was dealing with!

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Testimonial by S.S., age 54

Heather is the best! I saw her today for terrible hip/groin pain. I was so impressed with the safety measures in place and felt completely safe . Thanks for the healing hands.

S.S., age 54

Testimonial by Amanda W.

Heather's unique physical therapy program literally changed my life! After years of struggling with vaginismus, a condition that made it impossible for me to have intercourse and very difficult to use tampons without pain, a gynecologist referred me to Heather. I was nervous for my first appointment, but Heather's professional and friendly demeanor put me at ease. She did a great job explaining each technique she was using to help my muscles relax. Heather uses a combination of internal and external stretches and exercises to relax the pelvic floor and build muscle strength. Her specially developed home program helped me quickly recover from an issue that seemed insurmountable before meeting Heather. She was optimistic about my progress and incredibly encouraging. Less than 6 months after my first session, I was able to have pain-free sex for the first time in my life! If you are suffering from vaginismus or any other pelvic floor issues, I highly recommend making an appointment with Heather and reading her book!

-- Amanda W., 2/15/16 via Yelp!

Testimonial by T.H.

I started seeing Heather in October 2014. For more than two years, I had been suffering from painful urinary tract infection type symptoms after my bartholins gland surgery which included constant burning and urinary frequency sensation that led to more and more painful intercourse. I had made multiple visits to internist, obgyn and urologist's offices, went through a range of treatment with UTI and bladder frequency medication that included antibiotics, vesicare, estrogen cream, but nothing worked.

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