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Heather Jeffcoat, DPT at SHAPE.com

SHAPE's online staff regularly reaches out to Heather Jeffcoat for her expertise in the fields of vaginismus, issues that lead to painful sex, and the role of yoga in keeping your pelvic floor healthy and happy.

From the "About Us" page at Shape.com:

"Shape launched in 1981 and quickly became a definitive voice in the health and wellness arena.  As the largest young women’s magazine, ... [our] standards are high: We turn to science-backed research, the best trainers, nutritionists, doctors, dermatologists, and top wellness pros to bring our audience the most cutting-edge information; we prioritize an inclusive environment and ensure that our content speaks directly to all women in a friend-to-friend tone that inspires and motivates."

Sore Vagina After Sex | Shape.com
Gabrielle Kassel writing for SHAPE.com reached out to me for some insight into having a sore vagina after sex, and I was glad to discuss this often overwhelming topic. Here is a brief synopsis of the article, along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Why You Have a Sore Vagina After Sex -- and What to Do About It

All sorts of sex acts (not just P-in-V!) can leave you with a sore vagina after sex. Here's why, when to worry, and what you can do to ease the hurt.

Snuggles, snacks, a shower. These are the things we expect to experience after sex. Sadly, for some people with vaginas, those delicacies are sometimes replaced or accompanied by something a lot less comfortable: a sore vulva and/or sore vagina.

Read more: SHAPE.com | Why You Have a...

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It's time to explore (literally) beyond the clit.

Since its inception in 1981 Shape Magazine has been one of the most popular health and fitness magazines on America's newsstands, grabbing the title of #1 women's fitness magazine along the way. 

In the digital realm shape.com ranks in the top 2500 nationally according to Alexa, and with a ranking of around 6,800 worldwide, they are a powerhouse of traffic in the realm of women's health and vitality.

Their latest article penned by Gigi Engle and filed under "Sex and Love" blows the hood off not only the clitoris, but the G-spot, the A-spot, the O-spot, and the V-spot. The G-spot comes first, and Gigi turns to Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, founder of Femina Physical Therapy for a quick rundown of the associated anatomy:

Read more: Shape.com | 4 Deep Vaginal...

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    • Testimonial by S.H., age 24

      I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me for the past 19 months. I literally could not have reached my goals without you and your practice. You gave me the courage to keep moving forth with my treatment no matter how afraid and anxious I was. You were always there to answer questions and made this whole process so much easier than I expected it to be. It's because of you that my marriage is on the right track, that I can get pregnant and that this part of my life is finally...

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  • Testimonials

    • Testimonial by S.B.

      As someone who suffered the debilitating physical and emotional effects of vaginismus (as well as a complicated history of back injuries) for more than 15 years, I thought a "normal" life was just a fantasy. Then I found Heather.

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