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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo
Gymgasms Are a Thing
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Perhaps you're one of those people who look at working out as necessary durdgery at best just to stay physcially fit - or maybe just to keep your figure how you like it. Well, Megan Schaltegger at Cosmo had heard about this new thing called "gymgasms", and she decided to find out if they are fact or fantasy. Here is a brief synopsis of the article, along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Yes, Gymgasms Really Are a Thing

Now Learn to Make Them Happen for Yourself!

Megan begins the article with:

While it might have just popped up on TikTok, the gymgasm isn’t exactly new. Pelvic floor therapist Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, founder of Femina Physical Therapy, says it’s a lot more common than you might think. In fact, according to a study published by famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the phenomenon dates back to the early 1950s. The research varies, but the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy reported that one in 10 women report having an exercise-induced orgasm in their life, while an even smaller population experiences them on the reg. (Hello! Teach me!)

A little background on how this is all possible

First of all, let's familiarize ourselves with the pudendal nerve. It's the superhighway of arousal, and because of its close proximity to the large muscle groups of the pelvis, it is easily stimulated by certain movements. The key to maximizing your pleasure is to find out which movements do this for you, and though everyone is wired a little differently, there are some commonalities that make achieving gymgasms easier for many people.

Find out more about the pudendal nerve here

Now that we've familiarized ourselves a bit about the pudendal nerve, it's time for an important question:

Is A ‘Gymgasm’ Actually An Orgasm?

As I mentioned to Megan, some may interpret it as an orgasm, or maybe it is an orgasm... An orgasm is such a unique experience for everybody. And when we talk about the physiological aspects of arousal, we must remember that everyone is built differently. Some people may be more or less sensitive depending on body type, fitness level, and so on. Furthermore there is often a psychological aspect to arousal that comes into play. People who are more shy may not be as open to letting themselves get lost in the moment in a public setting like a gym as those who are more adventurous. Many peoples' expression of orgasm can also vary widely. It's possible that someone who is used to experiencing orgasms as a slow and intense burn is a better candidate for gymgasms than someone who erupts like a volcano with arms flailing everywhere.

So to answer the question "Is a gymgasm actually an orgasm?", here's what Megan had to say:

To put that into layman's terms, the exercise-induced orgasm is tied to how your nerves and muscles interact together to stimulate the inner clit (because remember: your clitoris is much more than the bean-like button at the top of your vag). By engaging your pelvic floor muscles, or in some cases your hip flexors, you can prompt a climax—without any fancy toys at play. So if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, maybe it’s an orgasm?

Now that we've decided that yes, most gymgasms truly are orgasms brought on by exercise, there's a lot more to unpack, including:

  • Can Men Have Gymgasms?
  • What Exercises Can Help You Achieve a Gymgasm?
  • Can You Increase Your Chances of Having a Gymgasm?

Find answers to the above questions and learn a lot more about gymgasms by reading the full article here. And if you're interested in pelvic floor therapy as one way to improve your chances of experiencing gymgasms, schedule an appointment with one of our trained physical therapists here.

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Testimonial by S.S., age 54

Heather is the best! I saw her today for terrible hip/groin pain. I was so impressed with the safety measures in place and felt completely safe . Thanks for the healing hands.

S.S., age 54

Testimonial by Ann V.

I wish i could give this place 10 stars!! 
I have been suffering from vaginismus for 5 years and never found the cure to it. I had seen an ob/gyn and he diagnosed me with vaginismus and told me i needed a surgery to cure my condition, which i refused to do. He also referred me to a PT that he works with, i had given them multiple calls and they never responded back to me, so i started searching yelp for another PT. I am SO HAPPY I found Heather's office! I was working with Laureen, and with her guidance and techniques i was able to be cured from vaginismus in only 2 1/2 short months!!! I couldn't believe how quickly their program worked for me! I am forever grateful and thankful from Heather, and Laureen! They are the absolute best at what they do!

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Testimonial by M.M.

My husband and I were married for 5 years and unable to have intercourse, but I never knew why. After numerous awful experiences at doctor’s offices (where many doctors told me I “just needed to relax”), a surgery that didn’t fix the problem, and a year of owning dilators that didn’t get me anywhere, someone finally referred me to Heather for Physical Therapy. I finally had answers and information from someone who knew exactly what I was dealing with!

Read more: Testimonial by M.M.

Testimonial by M.N., age 28

A personal journey and testimonial from one of my patients:

I was diagnosed with vaginismus 4 years ago. I never heard of such medical condition until after I got married. At first my husband and I didn't know what to do, we didn't know what the issues were or how to overcome it. Being born and raised in Armenia and being Christian I wasn't that open about talking to sex with others and so it wasn't easy to seek help. But eventually I went to an Ob-Gyn and luckily she knew about the medical condition (not many doctors know). She referred me to a physical therapist and I couldn't believe it and thought it's something I can handle myself. I ordered a kit from vaginismus.com and started practicing with dilators. There was some small progress but wasn't much helpful.

Read more: Testimonial by M.N., age 28

Testimonial by Alexandra B.

Heather is without exaggerating AMAZING! After years of trouble with a certain part of my body, in no time, she made everything change back to equilibrium and to what would be considered normal. She explains everything in detail and therefore gives you a better understanding of why things are the way they are, and how you can work towards turning things around. I would highly recommend Heather for any type of Physical Therapy. She has created her own "Method/Therapy" through years of studying (with some of the greatest practitioners), practice and breaking down the issues of her past patients, enabling her to fine tune her own system. I'm so thankful to have found her, and I'm especially grateful for the quick recovery I've achieved, after years of distress. If you cannot afford her, I recommend you purchase her book. Although it may not be Heather in person, it can still help you to get on the right path to recovery!

-- Alexandra B., 5/20/2015 via Yelp!

Testimonial by Amanda W.

Heather's unique physical therapy program literally changed my life! After years of struggling with vaginismus, a condition that made it impossible for me to have intercourse and very difficult to use tampons without pain, a gynecologist referred me to Heather. I was nervous for my first appointment, but Heather's professional and friendly demeanor put me at ease. She did a great job explaining each technique she was using to help my muscles relax. Heather uses a combination of internal and external stretches and exercises to relax the pelvic floor and build muscle strength. Her specially developed home program helped me quickly recover from an issue that seemed insurmountable before meeting Heather. She was optimistic about my progress and incredibly encouraging. Less than 6 months after my first session, I was able to have pain-free sex for the first time in my life! If you are suffering from vaginismus or any other pelvic floor issues, I highly recommend making an appointment with Heather and reading her book!

-- Amanda W., 2/15/16 via Yelp!

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