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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo
Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo - Sex Positions for When You Have Back Pain

Blissful Sex Positions for When You Have Back Pain

Back pain sucks, but luckily there are ways around it with these positions.

Back pain is indeed a complete pain, but what should you do when you have needs? It depends!

"Back pain is typically aggravated by either flexion (bending forward) or extension (bending backward), and choosing the best sex positions for when you have back pain depend on which category they fall into,” says doctor of physical therapy Stephanie Stamas, pelvic-floor rehab specialist and inventor of the Chelsea Method, a fourth-trimester rehab protocol for postpartum moms.

You might not know if you’ve got a flexion or extension situation going on, so you’ll have to experiment. What’s best for one is the worst for the other. Fun! “My advice would be to try to maintain a ‘neutral spine’ no matter what position one is in,” suggests doctor of physical therapy Theresa Marko, board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedics and owner of Marko Physical Therapy.

In the longer term, try these stretches for shoulder and upper back pain or glute stretches if you’re experiencing a literal pain in the ass. If the pain in the ass is more metaphorical and might actually be your partner, you can go deep with it and have a look at what back pain says about your relationship.

(And if you’re experiencing any pain with sex, it could also be caused by something else like endometriosis, trauma, or even just a partner with a really big dick. Try these positions if penetrative sex is painful, and if those don’t help, check with doctor to make sure everything’s okay. “Sometimes lower-back pain during sex can be radiating from pelvic-floor muscle tension being aggravated from intercourse. If there is any accompanying pain in the vulva, at the vaginal opening, or deep within the pelvis during or after sex, definitely seek out a pelvic-floor physical therapist! We really can help improve sexual satisfaction and eliminate any sex-related pain syndromes,” says Stamas.)

And if you have lower-back pain and tight hip flexors, prop your legs over a couple of pillows to decrease tension",

says physical therapist Heather Jeffcoat, owner of ortho and pelvic health-based practice Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy.

Looking for more sex positions for when you have back pain? Continue to the full article here.

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** This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. **

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