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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo
heather jeffcoat in cosmo

Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo

Femina Physical Therapy Featured at Cosmoplitan.com

Cosmpolitan Magazine's online staff regularly features Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo for her expertise in the fields of vaginismus, issues that lead to painful sex, and the role of yoga in keeping your pelvic floor healthy and happy.

From the "About Us" page at Cosmopolitan.com:

"As the biggest young women’s media brand in the world, we’re in an intimate relationship—and ongoing conversation—with our audience, and our 75 editorial staffers hustle hard to pack every Cosmopolitan platform with fresh, funny, and fundamental intel about what millennials truly care about (from how to survive a tough Tinder date to how to run for political office)."

image depicting belly press during sex

The bottom line: If a little belly press during sex helps turn you on more, that’s what matters most.

If you’ve spent much time on our site, you may have noticed that we focus primarily on improving the health of your pelvic floor, particularly if you are having issues due to illness, life changes like pregnancy or menopause, and/or recovering from an injury. But once your pelvic floor is in shape, we also love to present various techniques that help you enjoy sex more. So when Cosmo did a deep dive on the “belly press during sex” craze, they reached out to me for some input on the how’s and why’s about the technique, why it works (or not), and if and when there are times you should avoid it.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

The article begins:

If you’re thinking there’s no way that could possibly feel good, hear us out: Gently applying pressure to the lower abdomen during sex can feel amazing and potentially amplify your orgasms. You’ve just gotta figure out how to make it work for you.

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Gymgasms Are a Thing
Perhaps you're one of those people who look at working out as necessary durdgery at best just to stay physcially fit - or maybe just to keep your figure how you like it. Well, Megan Schaltegger at Cosmo had heard about this new thing called "gymgasms", and she decided to find out if they are fact or fantasy. Here is a brief synopsis of the article, along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Yes, Gymgasms Really Are a Thing

Now Learn to Make Them Happen for Yourself!

Megan begins the article with:

While it might have just popped up on TikTok, the gymgasm isn’t exactly new. Pelvic floor therapist Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, founder of Femina Physical Therapy, says it’s a lot more common than you might think. In fact, according to a study published by famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the phenomenon dates back to the early 1950s. The research varies, but the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy reported that one in 10 women report having an exercise-induced orgasm in their life, while an even smaller population experiences them on the reg. (Hello! Teach me!)

A little background on how this is all possible

First of all, let's familiarize ourselves with the pudendal nerve. It's the superhighway of arousal, and because of its close proximity to the large muscle groups of the pelvis, it is easily stimulated by certain movements. The key to maximizing your pleasure is to find out which movements do this for you, and though everyone is wired a little differently, there are some commonalities that make achieving gymgasms easier for many people.

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Blissful Sex Positions for Your Wedding Night
at Cosmo reached out to me for some advice for readers of her article "11 Blissful Sex Positions for Your Wedding Night" - in particular about what to do if you experience pain during this special time. Here is a brief synopsis of the article, along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Cosmo Talks Blissful Sex Positions for Your Wedding Night

Tips on dealing with painful sex are that much more important on this night!

Whether it's your first time together or your thousandth time, sex on your wedding night can be fraught with anxiety. As Jill says, there are any number of ways to remove the pressure from the situation and enjoy it to its fullest.

Plus, it's important to remember the reality and context of the whole situation. “Lots of us spend just as much time fantasizing about our wedding night as the actual ceremony itself. But by the time you’ve walked down the aisle, cut the cake, and danced for six hours, you just might be exhausted,” says Sarah Riccio, queer sex educator and co-founder Delicto.com. “So what do you do if you’re too tired to stand, let alone swing from the rafters of your marital bed?” Well, start with these tips that will help no matter how your night goes.

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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo - Sex Positions for When You Have Back Pain

Blissful Sex Positions for When You Have Back Pain

Back pain sucks, but luckily there are ways around it with these positions.

Back pain is indeed a complete pain, but what should you do when you have needs? It depends!

"Back pain is typically aggravated by either flexion (bending forward) or extension (bending backward), and choosing the best sex positions for when you have back pain depend on which category they fall into,” says doctor of physical therapy Stephanie Stamas, pelvic-floor rehab specialist and inventor of the Chelsea Method, a fourth-trimester rehab protocol for postpartum moms.

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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo - Why Your Vagina Is Sore After Sex

Curious as to Why Your Vagina Is Sore After Sex?

Once again Cosmopolitan Magazine's online staff has tapped Heather Jeffcoat for her expertise in all things related to pelvic floor health

Listen: As someone who enjoys the feeling of soreness post-workout, I can assure you that I do not feel the same way the morning-after a different kind of sweat sesh. And, just a guess, but I'm going to assume that a sore vagina after sex doesn't feel too great for you either. For one, you might not know why or what is causing the soreness—which is, like, super irritating.

Secondly, you may not know how to help or soothe your sore vagina because sex-ed contributed *literally* nothing to your sexual wellness knowledge. And third, you can't easily engage in round two, or three, or four with your S.O. the morning after because, umm… ouch.

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Heather Jeffcoat in Cosmo | Sex Toy Options For Women With Endometriosis

Curious About Sex Toy Options For Women With Endometriosis?

If it feels like Freddy Krueger is attacking your uterus every five seconds, right this way.

Heather Jeffcoat and the Femina PT team are known the world over when it comes to pelvic floor health and sexual wellbeing, and Cosmopolitan Magazine regularly reaches out to Heather for her insights into a variety of related issues.

In Cosmo's latest article about living with endometriosis, Taylor Andrews gets Heather's opinion on the best sex toys for women who are experiencing this condition:

Read more: Heather Jeffcoat at Cosmo |...

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** This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. **

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