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Heather Jeffcoat at Healthline
Anorgasmia in Vulva Owners

Healthline reached out to Heather Jeffcoat for her expert opinion on anorgasmia

Wait, what’s anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is defined as the inability to achieve orgasm, despite sufficient sexual stimulation and is associated with personal distress,” says Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in sexual dysfunction, pain, and incontinence, and author of “Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve.

Those last four words are important: associated with personal distress.

The inability to orgasm only qualifies as anorgasmia if it’s accompanied by feelings of:

  • frustration
  • self-doubt
  • shame
  • inadequacy
  • anger

Are there different types?

“There’s a diagnostic classification system based on whether it has been lifelong or acquired,” explains Jeffcoat. There’s also something called situational anorgasmia.

Sex tips and tricks

For starters: lube!

When vulva owners’ estrogen levels dip, they lose natural lubrication, so if they aren’t already, they need to begin supplementing with a lubricant,

says Jeffcoat.

Second, switch it up! Especially if you’re still having the same type of sex you were having in your 20s.

You need to update what your sex life looks like in your 40s,” says Jeffcoat. “This may include different positions, more or different lube, working through psychological barriers, and incorporating more outercourse.”

What to expect in your 50s and beyond

The average age most vulva owners hit menopause is 51.

Menopause can bring along changes like even less lubrication and less elasticity, which can make penetration painful,”

says Jeffcoat.

The full article is here.

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      I would like to start off by thanking Heather Jeffcoat for educating me and curing me of Vaginismus. I had been married for almost three years before I was referred to Heather. I never knew about Vaginismus until almost three years into my marriage. I knew something was wrong when I went on my honeymoon and came back a Virgin. I had always imagined how magical my first night would be but boy was I wrong.

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      As someone who suffered the debilitating physical and emotional effects of vaginismus (as well as a complicated history of back injuries) for more than 15 years, I thought a "normal" life was just a fantasy. Then I found Heather.

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