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Heather Jeffcoat at Healthline
clitoral erections

We all get erections 

Cue your Oprah voice, because you get a hard-on, and you get a hard-on, and you get a hard-on…

That’s right, folks of all genders and genitalia can get erections, not just people with penises!

But chances are you didn’t learn that in health class. So, to help you become more cliterate, we put together this sheet on clitoral erections.

What’s the average increase in size?

When erect, the part of the clit you can see (the glans) “will peak out of the clitoral hood and grow in size 50 to 300 percent,” according to Heather Jeffcoat, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in sexual functioning.

And the vaginal lips will swell during arousal so that they are two to three times bigger than usual, she said.

And remember: Even the parts of the clitoral structure you can’t see swell and engorge as a result of the increased blood flow.

Experiment with edging

Edging is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right before you’re about to get off over and over in order to make the final orgasm better.

Edging will increase the amount of time you have a clitoral erection and make it stronger, Jeffcoat says.

See a pelvic floor therapist

Because the pelvic floor plays a role in all sexual functioning, Jeffcoat notes that “making sure your pelvic floor muscles are strong and healthy can also help.”

Note: This doesn’t mean doing Kegels all willy-nilly. It means visiting a pelvic floor therapist who can assess the health of your pelvic floor and give you at-home exercises to try if needed to support its health.

Find a qualified pelvic floor therapist at this directory, courtesy of the American Physical Therapy Association.

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