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Heather Jeffcoat at Buzzfeed
Front-To-Back Wiping Your Vagina
When Buzzfeed journalist Krista Torres decided to tackle the potentially messy subject of front-to-back wiping your vagina, I was more than happy to help out. I even made a special video on the topic that has been deemed highly entertaining by viewers. Here is a brief synopsis of the article, along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Front-To-Back Wiping Your Vagina: It's A Huge Conversation On TikTok Right Now

Here's Why And What An Expert Says

2022 New Year's Resolution: learn how to wipe.

Hello, people with vaginas. Now, some of you may or may not have been taught as little kids that — after using the restroom — you should always wipe from the front to the back. And, if you weren't taught it as a kid, then I am sure at some point in your adolescent or adult life, you have learned it.

But, enter the place full of laughs and TMI — TikTok — and you'll quickly see it is a hot topic of discussion. In the TikTok (see link to the full Buzzfeed article below), user @squiddey says,

I know we're supposed to wipe front to back, but how the fuck do you do it? That's just what I wanna know, because I've always done it like that (gestures wiping back to front). Do you stand the fuck up and just reach? Like, I am not that flexible...HOW?! I need an explanation!"

So, after seeing so many comments like this, we decided it was time to bring in an expert. BuzzFeed spoke to Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, who has been practicing pelvic health physical therapy for 19 years.

To start things off, we asked her if wiping from front to back is actually important and she quickly reassured us that YES IT IS.

Wiping front to back is important because it minimizes bacteria being introduced from your anus into your urethra. Even if you clean really well after a bowel movement, there is still a chance of bacterial contamination, which can lead to a urinary tract infection," Dr. Jeffcoat said.

Dr. Jeffcoat said her first reaction when watching the TikToks was wondering why people are making wiping so difficult. She said it's actually really simple:

No reach-around technique is required. Just wipe from the front of your body and push the toilet paper from the urethra towards the back."

For the full expose on front-to-back wiping your vagina, continue to the full article at Buzzfeed here.

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