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what is a gymgasm
My recent interview with Cosmo about "gymgasms" got a lot of attention, and Glam writer Amanda Chatel did a followup article to look further into this exciting exercise topic. She reached out to me for a little more info on how gymgasms actually happen, and of course I was glad to oblige. Here's a brief synopsis with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Everyone Wants to Know: What is a Gymgasm?

There can be clitoral, vaginal, breast, inner thigh, toe sucking, oral, sensual massage, mental orgasms and so many more.

Amanda begins:

When it comes to orgasms we tend to only hear about the clitoral orgasm and the G-spot orgasm (despite the latter being quite elusive), but there's actually a whole world of orgasms out there that can be experienced. Depending on the source of information, there's anywhere from 11 to 24 orgasms that those with vulvas — and some penis owners too — can achieve.

Here's a paragraph from a great article we wrote on the relationship between the clitoral hood and pelvic floor muscle strength:

Another reason why the pelvic floor can help enhance sexual function is because of its close relationship with the clitoral hood. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can create more stimulation and displacement to this sensitive area. Through the millions of years of human evolution, the only organ whose only role is to provide pleasure is the clitoris. Although the clitoris is usually the star player in orgasm function, every human body is different and there are many pathways to achieve orgasm. Figuring out how, with yourself and a partner, is the fun part.

What is a gymgasm?

In the last decade, the word coregasm started making the rounds as women reported experiencing orgasms while working out, most notably while lifting weights or doing abdominal crunches, per ABC News. So, although these orgasms aren't new, thanks to TikTok, they're being introduced to a new generation as gymgasms. But is it legitimately an orgasm?

Some may interpret it as an orgasm, or maybe it is an orgasm. There's no way to really tell," pelvic floor therapist Dr. Heather Jeffcoat tells Cosmopolitan. "An orgasm is such a unique experience for everybody. That's kind of hard to define. ... We have a nerve called the pudendal nerve that branches from within the pelvis. One of those nerves goes towards the clitoris and helps control clitoral function. Then we have our pelvic floor muscles and the [pudendal] nerve runs within the muscle. That's how the muscle contraction can stimulate the nerve."

Takeaway? Even if you're not technically having an orgasm, if it feels like you're having an orgasm, then you're definitely having an orgasm. Or at least what you consider an orgasm, and that's all that really matters. You might as well take those orgasms any way you can get them and no matter how they come at you.

Can anyone have one?

Considering not everyone can orgasm, saying that anyone can have a gymgasm isn't very accurate. That said, there do appear to be specific exercises that can increase someone's chances at having one.

Go here if you're curious to know more about Glam's take on the whole gymgasm thing, and go here if you're ready to visit us for some therapy that can help improve your chances of achieving your own coregasm or gymgasm, or if just want to relieve the symptoms of painful intercourse.

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