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Why Do I Get a Stomachache After Sex?
When S. Nicole Lane of the website Giddy reached out to me for my opinions on the causes and solutions for women who get a stomachache after sex, I was glad to contribute my thoughts. Here is a brief synopsis of the article along with a link to the full article below.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Do You Get a Stomachache After Sex?

Having heavy cramping may be a sign of a more serious condition

Walking side-to-side may seem like a sexual feat to Ariana Grande, but for me, hobbling home with a sore stomach is not the post-sex feeling I'm chasing after. And this type of pain is much more than a little achiness after aggressive thrusting, something typically attributed to a lack of lubrication or pulling a muscle. Right after orgasm, I curl up in a ball and wait for the intense throbbing to pass. It feels similar to menstrual cramps, lasting up to two hours along the lower region of my abdomen and up toward my belly button.

It wasn't until recently that, while twisting in bed feeling frustrated, I decided to dive into WTF was going on with my gut (and beyond). I took to Instagram to ask my community if they've ever felt a stomachache after sex—22 people responded with a resounding, "Yes!"

One person, Macy, 28, an artist in New Jersey, said they usually get a stomachache after sex whether through masturbation or penetrative sex, although it doesn't happen every time. Macy's libido has recently evaporated as well, although they aren't sure if it's linked to their pain. "It feels like a menstrual cramp but, honestly, worse in some ways because instead of just hurting, it also makes me a little nauseous as well," she explained. After 15 minutes, Macy said, the pain subsides, "but those moments feel like forever."

Approximately 10 minutes after orgasm, North Carolina resident Lina, 30, said she experiences a stomachache. Like Macy (and me), it doesn't happen every time she has sex and she's noticed it with different partners—that's right, dick size doesn't matter. "I just recently started tracking my cycle with the pain to see if there is any correlation," she explained, but so far she hasn't noticed anything substantial other than a link to orgasms. Lina, who has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that causes cysts, has always assumed the two were linked but has never visited a doctor about the correlation.

Pain after sex is not normal," said Heather Jeffcoat, D.P.T., a California-based pelvic therapy expert and author of "Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve."

Jeffcoat said when she sees patients with this type of issue, there is "either pelvic floor, hip or low back muscle overactivity or connective tissue restrictions to blame."

While it's difficult to diagnose, there could be a few reasons—beyond a lack of lube—for what's causing a stomachache after sex or after an orgasm.

Still wondering why you get a stomachache after sex? Learn more about the issue by reading the full article here.

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What Our Patients Have to Say


Testimonial by Rosanna R., age 35

Heather has affected my life in the MOST POSITIVE way and I am forever grateful. My husband refers to her as the "sex doctor" so you can only imagine how happy he is with my therapy outcome.

After the birth of my son I suffered from "Vaginismus", however, at the time I just thought I was broken. My "broken vagina" affected me physically but it was an emotional struggle as well. Many women in my life also suffered with pain from sex after their babies were born so I knew I wasn't alone. They told me they "just got used to it" but I couldn't see myself living that way.

Sex wasn't just painful, it was literally impossible - IT DIDNT FIT!

Read more: Testimonial by Rosanna R.,...

Testimonial by S.P., Age 26

I would like to start off by thanking Heather Jeffcoat for educating me and curing me of Vaginismus. I had been married for almost three years before I was referred to Heather. I never knew about Vaginismus until almost three years into my marriage. I knew something was wrong when I went on my honeymoon and came back a Virgin. I had always imagined how magical my first night would be but boy was I wrong.

Read more: Testimonial by S.P., Age 26

Testimonial by S.B.

As someone who suffered the debilitating physical and emotional effects of vaginismus (as well as a complicated history of back injuries) for more than 15 years, I thought a "normal" life was just a fantasy. Then I found Heather.

Read more: Testimonial by S.B.

Testimonial by A.M.

Months after giving birth, it was difficult for me to go from a sitting or lying position up to a full standing position without feeling that I had to remain hunched over until a bit of time had passed to get fully upright. However, after taking Heather’s course, I learned exercises to get my body back to normal. She also showed me correct ways to lift and carry my son as well as put him in/take him out of the carseat and stroller. This class was really beneficial and Heather is a wonderful teacher who made me feel very comfortable.

-- A.M.

Testimonial by J.H.

My last appointment with Heather was over 6 years ago but I still think of her every day. I don’t take for granted that I can easily get out of bed, care for my two active and busy young boys, run, play tennis, clean my house, or sit at a desk for several hours at a time. None of these tasks were easy for me before meeting Heather. Eight years ago my car was struck from behind by a tractor trailer that was estimated to have been speeding. I spent 3 years working with different PTs and Drs trying to heal and move on with my life. When I became pregnant and the hormone relaxin that “relaxes” all the joints of the body and the additional weight gain erased all my progress and I was suddenly in a lot of pain again. My OB sent me to Heather for one last try.

Read more: Testimonial by J.H.

Testimonial by Fritzette H.

I went to Heather after the birth of my third child. It was lucky, really, that I was referred to her, because my doctor had referred me to a surgeon for a possible hysterectomy or pelvic wall rebuild. Thankfully, I went to Heather before undergoing either surgery, she was able to fix the problem. She has studied extensively in women's health--even written a book about it--and was able to diagnose my problem, suggest a course of treatment (6 weeks), and then follow through with said treatment. By the end, as she said, I was as good as gold. Boy, was it worth it! Though uncomfortable to talk about, much less write about, it is worth getting the word out there. If you have painful intercourse, especially after birth or other trauma, the treatment may be as simple as Physical Therapy (with Heather, of course). I highly recommend her.

-- Fritzette H., 3/24/16 via Yelp!

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