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Delivery of the Placenta | Image Courtesy of João Paulo de Souza Oliveira via Unsplash

Third Stage of Childbirth: Delivery of the Placenta

You made it!

Now, at this point you have delivered your baby and your body’s hormones have shifted tremendously! You may feel overwhelming emotions of joy and exhaustion at the same time. Oxytocin, the bonding hormone, rises sharply to compensate for the drastic drop in estrogen and progesterone. You may find yourself shivering, and this is normal immediately post-giving birth and can last up to one hour.

Delivery of the Placenta

The third stage of childbirth involves the delivery of the placenta. Oxytocin also helps with the delivery of the placenta, as it helps separate from the uterus. Depending on your birth plan, your team may help with delivery of the placenta with medications, gentle fundal massage, and gentle tugging of the cord. This will likely be in a position with you lying on your back. Or, you may continue to spontaneously deliver in any position that you feel comfortable, whether that is an upright position, hands and knees position, or even lying on your back. The placenta may come out on its own, or you may feel the urge to push again. The key is to choose a comfortable, yet appropriate position for you.

Vaginal Childbirth Positioning Series | Delivery of the Placenta | Image Courtesy of João Paulo de Souza Oliveira via UnsplashNext Steps

The next step may be repairing any lacerations you may have sustained; if applicable, ask your doctor (or have your doula or partner ask) what grade of tearing occurred, where the tearing occurred, and how many stitches were placed. It is normal to experience some bleeding and applying ice compressions (pads) is helpful to help recovery and inflammation in this early postpartum period. For delayed healing, we also use infrared light in our office to support the healing process.

Enjoy this special time, with rest, nourishing foods, and patience.

Keep in mind these main points when prepping for delivery: practice moving into various upright positions, get to know and understand your pelvic floor muscles, and train for the upcoming marathon. After giving childbirth, give yourself the space to process the overwhelming emotions you may experience, as you prepare for the delivery of the placenta.

Pelvic floor physical therapists can guide you through the process, help teach you how to lengthen the pelvic floor muscles, perform perineal massage techniques, find some of your favorite positions, and overall improve endurance and stamina for your upcoming joyous childbirth journey.



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