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Physical Activity has Psychological and Physical Benefits

Studies have shown that physical activity has many physical and psychological benefits. Staying physically active can increase happiness (Wang et al., 2012), improve health (Lee and Skerrett, 2001), and enhance quality of life (Penedo and Dahn, 2005).

Getting Started with a Problem Can Be Hard but Mindfulness Can Help

Dishman and Buckworth (1996) found that it is common for adults to quit an exercise program within the first 6 months of starting it, which decreases the chance for folks to fully receive the benefits of an exercise program. One factor that has been identified as helping people stick with an exercise program is satisfaction with physical activity.

In 2016 Tsafou et al. (2016) found that a mindfulness practice while you are exercising can increase

one’s sense of satisfaction with exercise, thereby helping one reinforce and sustain the habit of staying active. Other studies have found that mindfulness can also help bolster motivation to stay active and reported levels of enjoyment of exercise (Schneider et al., 2018).

Mindfulness not only helps with reinforcing habit, motivation, satisfaction and enjoyment of exercise, but can also help with dealing with the common challenges that come with physical activity: fatigue, discomfort, and overcoming obstacles (Schneider et al., 2018). This fact could be very helpful for those who have negative attitudes towards exercise or find exercise uncomfortable.

Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

Use Deep Breathing to Gain Body Awareness

This 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation is led by Tara Brach, a renowned meditation teacher and psychologist who is based out of Washington, DC.

Download a Meditation App

Insight Timer
Insight timer is a free app/website with an archive of guided meditations, longer talks teachings, sound healings, and other offerings.

Headspace is a paid subscription app/service which provides guided meditation instruction. There is currently some free offerings on their website to deal with stress and overwhelm connected to COVID-19.

Get Connected with a Local Meditation Group

Insight LA
Insight LA is a meditation center based in Los Angeles, which is now offering classes and group guided meditations online via teleconference platforms.


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